Close-up after breast feeding
Happy after breast feeding. (The chirping is J’s phone.)

1st Bath
Max's first bath--in the kitchen sink.

Facial expressions
A spectrum of facial expressions. The chirping is J’s phone (I’m calling her).

9-12-08, 3 weeks: Max’s face and eyes.

Hi-tech water sleep
9-16-08, 3.5 weeks: High-tech sleep aid.

Alert with Fart
9-19-08, 4 weeks: Alert, with bonus fart.

Max calisthenics
9-19-08, 4 weeks: Papa teaches Max calisthenics.

Max and Grandma
10-04-08: Max smiles for Grandma Jane.

Max rocked to sleep
10-05-08: Max falls asleep (with Gershwin)